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About Bali | Bali Ultimate Experiences Luxury Villas for rent
Bali Ultimate has over 10 years experiences in creating luxury holidays, villas for rent, and escorted tours.
Bali Area

Bali Area

The island of Bali sits slap bang in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago. Bali is an island of mystery, beauty and charm unsurpassed anywhere in the world, it is roughly the size of Wales in the U.K. and has 4 key geographical features, volcanoes, tropical jungle, rice fields and stunning beaches complete with diverse tropical reefs. Bali was first colonized by the Dutch in the Sixteenth Century during the period 1501 right into the late 1800’s. In 1914 Bali (still under Dutch occupation) was opened for tourism in 1914 just 30 years later Bali was taken by the Japanese in ww2. After the end of the war Bali was once again invaded only this time not by a standing army, but by a stand up surf boarders. Bali is very close to the northern extremes of mainland Australia and 40 or so years ago an intrepid band of surf explorers came to Bail by boat, they landed in Kuta and surfed the waves for years then as the popularity of Bali grew people ventured further afield soon a young man with his board on a pushbike cycled 50kms east and discovered some of the largest waves in the world at Uluwatu point This is why Bali is now famous. Soon surfers from all over the world swarmed to Uluwatu to see for themselves and ride the now legendary waves.

Bali is now a Mecca not only for surfers but for tourists from all over the world, the majority of its tourists location still the Australians who come back here again and again. For the great majority of Australians Bali is not only close but incredibly cheap, as it is actually more expensive for them to stay in their own country for a holiday, than just hop a flight and come here!  As I said before, Bali is a very mysterious place and has lots of quirks, cultures and traditions, it is mainly Hindu, however the island has a small Muslim and Christian community as well and there are constantly ceremonies and festivals going on everywhere and at most times of the year.

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