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Holiday in Bali

Bali is relativity small and isolated island to most foreigners, but it boasts a wide variety of regional specialties and a unique culture. Bali’s climate is like most of the other islands around the area, warm and tropical almost all year with a wet and a dry season. The culture on the island is one of the most unique in the world, and Bali has many exciting ways for visitors to experience this like Bali luxury villas and hotels.

One is to take a drive around the island and to study the many statues all over that local Bali artists have created to decorate the island. Another way to experience Bali is to visit one of the sacred temples where you are likely to be welcomed by the smell of incense and beautiful smiling Balinese girls as they make their daily offerings. Then there are the many dances that are unique to the island of Bali. The Calonarang dance performance is an experience which includes local dance song and music, and is a great show of how rich the island culture is.

Balinese food is a delicious delicacy, but is becoming increasingly harder to find in its authentic form because of the time consuming preparation. To get a find a true Bali meal, it is best to find a local restaurant, not a chain that specializes and only sells authentic Balinese food. Their dishes include things that are based of the rice and many exotic herbs and spices. When in Bali there are many different options for accommodations.

Bali has up and rising districts that offer world classes resorts and hotels such as the Bulgari, Inter Continental, four sessions in Jimbaran Bali and the villa for rent in Seminyak Anantara Resort and Spa. Both these accommodations offer top of the line features that you would find at any other world class hotel in the world. However Bali still offers many options that allow visitors to stay in more authentic Bali accommodations, and is very well priced compared to other resort destinations. With all of these options that Bali offers, an exciting and exotic island awaits and cultures.