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Bali Surfing

Bali Surfing Tours Guide

Bali SurfingBali is definitely a spectacular island surfing destination in Indonesian, which is comprised of 18.700 islands only eight degrees south from the equator- so beautiful weather throughout the year! Bali was first found as the great surfing location spot in the 1960s by surfers from Australia, Bali is now known as one of many top spots around the globe, for surfing holiday plans by individuals and groups of surfing experts. Currently Bali has a big surf lifestyle, so you may be a beginner, tryingthe first beach you breaks or novice or even an experienced reef break rider Bali provides the great surfing beaches all over the world.

The peak period for Bali surfing adventures comes from April to November which is known to be the dry period; however, you can find waves anytime of the year. Through the dry period, Bali finds the swells on the Indian Ocean therefore it is easy to find surf about 12 feet or more from the reefs on the south west and south east coasts.

Kuta is generally the drop off point for surfing experts throughout the world, as it is just a short distance to famous surfing areas such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Nusa Dua, Keramas and further afield to Balion and Nusa Lembonghan. Kuta Beach additionally creates some good beach breaks, but it’s a well-known tourist haunt therefore the probability of getting on a clean barrel completely in to the coast really aren’t good. Not unlike many well-known heavy reef breaks all over some of the other isles in Indonesia, Bali’s waves are milder which better suits the beginner to advanced surfer searching for steady, 3 to 5 ft. waves. For the beginner, parts of Kuta beach and especially Double 6 beach are good places to try as the break and white water are a longer distance, allowing more opportunity to get up and stay up on your board. Where as parts of Canggu and Uluwatu are often on coral reefs and rocks and better for the more adventurous and experienced surfers, sometimes requiring booties to protect your feet.

Bali offers many good things when you are planning your surfing experience; The benefits include; being easy to navigate, having a warm and friendly hosts (incredible smiles and lovely people in Bali) and a great thing is that you may quickly get to entirely new beaches in Bali every single day. So when you know where the good waves are breaking, it’s not hard to get there. The bonus is that you do not need a wetsuit as the waters all around Bali are a normal warm temperature in low to mid 21 degrees Celsius (just be sure you use a great sunscreen!)

Finding Bali Surfing Tours packages

Besides the incredible spots for surfing in Bali what’s great is that you don’t have to don’t have to tough it out in a raw beach shack. Even the most budget conscious surfers usually can stay in mid quality Bali accommodation with air conditioner plus satellite TV included for incredibly good prices. In addition, if you journey using one of the specialist Bali surfing tour providers, they’ll ensure that all you need to make your Bali surfing getaway spectacular with the best of Bali to be laid out for you. They’ll even offer you a board if you wish to try a various styles of rides or you needn’t be bothered lugging your personal board almost everywhere.

The Bali surf instructions will meet you early every morning with your stay and let you know in which the greatest waves are breaking, then get you there in a single of the air-con SUVs. They will suggest the top breaks for the skill and talent level and you may even choose from right or left breaking waves if the conditions are right! Even better, their system of local informants informs on the waves and congestion, so they will gladly steer you from the crowds to an equally good area with less riders contending to the breaks. Bali hotels are a good value and if you stay in well-known vacationer areas such as Legian and Seminyak beach, the top party and restaurant options are nearby. Then after you have spent an amazing day on the waves, you may retire to your luxury Bali villa for relaxing or chose to hit the area night destinations for some fun and entertainment.