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Balinese people

Warm and generous Balinese people

Balinese People

Balinese people

Warm and generous Balinese people are one of the main reasons why so many tourists visit Bali each and every year. The people of Bali would happily give you the shirt off their back, and look out for their friends and family like no other culture on earth. The Balinese people live in very tight nit communities with Bali local Banjar which is much like our town hall or community centre, taking the civic responsibility for that particular area or location. Balinese people generally live in a generational communal family dwelling with houses for each section of the family. The house will also have a family temple a central structure set aside for social occasions and a family mortuary where the whole family are buried, it is true to say that in the past and also today, many Balinese people stay in their family home for their entire lives.

In the past Bali has seen invasions and migrations of various nationalities and cultures to it’s shores, and not all of these cultures have truly respected the Balinese values and traditions, leading to cultural clashes and conflicts. Balinese people in some respects are still treated poorly by some members of society, and are sometimes taken advantage of because of their warm and trusting nature. This is an area that the rest of Indonesian society could improve, as the Balinese people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect after all, Bali is their island. Balinese people are by the large majority Hindu, and have many important ceremonies and rituals every year. The biggest two festivals being Nyepi and Galungan, for the Balinese this religion is the lifeblood of their culture, and they derive a lot of their identity and uniqueness from its colorful ceremonies and the way it is practiced.

Balinese names

Another uniqueness in the Balinese culture comes with the way the people are named All Balinese people are named one of just 4 names: Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut. Both men and women are named in this way. Balinese people are definitely one of the nicest groups of people you could ever wish to meet, and their hospitality and welcoming ways are ready to greet any and all travelers who venture to Bali.