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Flora & Fauna

Bali Fauna & Flora

Bali Flora & Fauna

Bali Flora & Fauna

Like the people of Bali the Fauna and flora of the island is rich and diverse. Bali has lush garden areas like Nusa Dua, beach land, tropical jungle, and lofty volcanic peaks all of which have their own range of wild plant and animal species.


Bali is home to some very impassive trees, flowers and plants, these include the sacred and majestic holy Bayan trees, Bamboo used in pretty much everything, large palms, acacia trees and flowers such as the fragrant yellow frangipani, which can be seen everywhere as the Balinese adore the beauty of them. The custom is to adorn their houses, temples and even roads with hundreds of different types of flowers. Common flower in Bali species include, water lily, jasmine, poinsettia, hibiscus, roses, magnolias, orchids, oleander to name just a few. Bali truly is a garden paradise and a trip to the water temple at Bedugul will reward visitors with a holy garden complete with all the species mentioned, on a lake overlooked by watchful mountains.


Wildlife truly flourishes in Bali; from the temple monkeys, looking for their next banana, to lizards living in your home, Bali has one of the widest natural animal populations in the world. The Island is home to, the elusive Balinese tiger, large lizards such as the monitor lizard, snakes (venomous and not) Bats, civets, iguanas, mouse deer, barking deer, spiders, many other smaller animals and more than 300 species of birdlife, which make the lush greenery of Bali their home. Bali has many tropical reefs and has a diverse marine life, dolphins are found towards Candidasa and Lovina, and whale sharks can be sighted near the east coast of the Menjangan Island, near Gilimanuk other aquatic species include, moray eels, sponges, crustaceans, small and large reef fish, big game sword fish, reef sharks, and Barracuda.