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Weather in Bali

Bali Climate

Bali Climate

To say the weather in Bali is varied would be an outright lie! Bali has some of the most stable weather patterns in the world, just two seasons hot and dry and wet and humid are prevalent in the Bali calendar. The reason for this exceptional weather pattern is due to Bali’s proximity to the equator, meaning a hot and pretty amazing tropical climate with an average year round temperature of 31 degrees.  The rainy season November – March is exactly that and the rain can be an all day affair or torrential downpours which can flood the streets in minutes. I have sat and watched as these torrents of water dislodge huge stones on the side of the road and carry them downhill blocking the road at the bottom of a hill then only 20 minutes later the sky is cloudless blue sky and not a drop of rain so although Bali weather is a stable mix of wet and dry the changeability of this pattern in the wet season take many by surprise.

Thunder storms in Bali are usually long lasting and have both forked and sheet lightning, impressive billowing black cumulus nimbus clouds will blow across the blue sky of the beaches and before you know it sounds your under attack from heavy artillery. Weather is different of course depending where in Bali you actually are, for example Bali has some massive volcanoes such as mountain Agung and mountain Kintamani and as a result has much colder weather in these mountainous areas. The weather in Bali is one of the key reasons why the island has such a large agricultural community, the volcanic soil and wet season followed by 5 months of sunshine makes it ideal to grow anything from chocolate, and coffee, to peppers, papaya and even root crops, it truly is a marvelous garden paradise and with ought the weather system it does have then none of this would be possible.